Booking rooms
Our advantages:
Location in the heart of the capital: 5-10 min. to GUM and Red Square
Complimentary services for guests on significant dates: birthday, wedding, etc.
Included varied breakfast buffet
Hotel decoration with authentic paintings by contemporary artists
Discounts for direct booking from 10%
Possibility to order author's excursions in Moscow
Separate hall for events of various formats
Individual approach to each hotel guest

"CALL GALYA!" and the hotel "Boris Godunov"

Hotel "Boris Godunov" joined the social project "Call Galya!" - It aims to protect women from unwanted attention in public places. If the date did not go according to plan, women on the street were harassed, someone began to threaten their safety - the code phrase "Call Galya!" will help you get help from our hotel staff. Upon hearing the password, the hotel employee will call the police, take you to a safe place, or show you an emergency exit. Thus, the project will create a safe urban environment for women in the near future.