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Hotel Boris Godunov

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Hotel Boris Godunov
Hotel Boris Godunov
Hotel Boris Godunov
Hotel Boris Godunov
Hotel Boris Godunov
Hotel Boris Godunov
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Our partners

Hotel chain "Regina",
Kazan city
The Regina hotel chain consists of 9 hotels in Russia, Israel and Abkhazia. Under the brand "Regina" there is also a sanatorium "Nehama", a bus park, a tour operator of domestic tourism, restaurants and even a small zoo. "Regina" offers conference rooms, family holidays in country hotels, baths and saunas. "Regina" is a 30-year experience of successful work in the hotel and sanatorium sphere.
The Atlantis Hotel,
Orel city
The modern Atlantis Hotel is located in the centre of Orel. Within walking distance of the Central Department Store, Central Market, children's Park, coffee shops, restaurants and bank branches. The Atlantis Hotel successfully combines European comfort and Russian hospitality. Atlantis offers accommodation in 39 rooms. Each room is designed in a special refined style.
The Tana Park Hotel,
North Ossetia-Alania
New hotel complex Tana Park Hotel is located in the most beautiful mountains of North Ossetia, in the Digor Gorge.
The hotel consists of 17 rooms. For lovers of delicious national food, there is always a cozy place in the "Hares" bar-restaurant, which is located on the territory of the Tana Park Hotel.
Club-Hotel "Razdolye",
The country complex is located on 4 hectares of a picturesque corner of nature, a 10-minute drive from the bustle of the city.

The Club-Hotel offers its guests two-storey cottages made of natural wooden frame, comfortable hotel complexes, luxurious banquet halls and forest pavilions for relaxation in harmony with nature. The cozy restaurant "Razdolye" will delight you with dishes of Russian and European cuisine.